Wray’s Prediction

Mar 12, 2024 | Political News

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

Okay, I’ll admit it –

It’s tin foil hat time.

Some Constitutional Rights PAC Patriots will wholeheartedly agree with what I am about to suggest…

Others will strongly disagree…

And the remainder will be left to seriously wonder.

I thoroughly respect the opinions of all of the above.

But, in view of the Biden regime’s track behavior of outrageous, oppressive behavior, any way you look at it, I believe you will agree that it is well worth considering.

The egregious Christopher Wray has been nothing but a willful and woeful errand boy/executioner for the Deep State ever since the first day Trump grievously appointed him FBI director (at the behest of the Trump-hating Chris Christie). So, he is quite capable of committing any atrocity at the behest of his autocratic puppet masters.

And my tin foil hat prediction: 

If the Deep State finds it necessary, they will unleash Wray’s “wide array of very dangerous threats” to disrupt the 2024 elections and stop Trump’s inevitable landslide election during the latter part of this coming summer. 

If you doubt that the Deep State (and Wray in particular) would commit such a foul deed, remember the Russia Collusion Hoax, the Dossier Hoax, the Hunter laptop cover-up, the riotous summer of 2020 – and check out “Operation Northwoods.” 

As opinion leaders nationwide, Constitutional Rights PAC Patriots are always wise to consider all options.