Wounded US Army vet Sam Brown targets vulnerable Nevada Democrat with fresh Senate bid

Jul 10, 2023 | True Patriot News Daily

Brown, who lost to Masto in 2018, announced his candidacy on Monday. He is a decorated veteran who served in Afghanistan and was wounded in action. He is also a businessman and a former congressional aide.

In a statement announcing his candidacy, Brown said that he is running to “fight for the people of Nevada.” He criticized Masto for her support of President Biden and his policies, which he said have “destroyed our economy” and “made us less safe.”

Masto is considered to be one of the most vulnerable Democrats up for re-election in 2022. She is facing a number of challenges, including Biden's low approval ratings and the rising cost of living in Nevada.

Brown's candidacy is seen as a potential boost to the Republican chances of winning the seat. He is a well-known and well-liked figure in Nevada, and he has a strong fundraising base.

To learn more about Sam Brown's Senate Bid read this article from Fox News. An excerpt of the article has been copied below: 

Afghanistan war veteran Sam Brown will officially launch a second bid for the U.S. Senate on Monday, this time to unseat Nevada's other vulnerable Democrat senator, Jacky Rosen.

Fox News Digital spoke with Brown, a Republican, ahead of his planned announcement at an event in Reno, Nevada, where he will lay out his vision on how to take the country in a different direction from where he says it's headed under the leadership of politicians like Rosen and President Biden.

“This bid for the Senate is really rooted in the fact that Nevadans are worried about losing the American dream and what our kids are going to inherit,” Brown said when asked why he decided to toss his hat into the ring once again.