Woke preacher claims ‘drag is holy,’ that Jesus is ‘God in drag’ in viral TikTok video

Apr 27, 2024 | Political News

A TikTok video of a preacher asserting that “drag is holy” has surfaced on X. Many have taken to the social media platform to criticize the claims. 

In the video, Reverend Dr. Caleb J. Lines is seen wearing LGBT-themed stoles and states that drag is holy because “God’s in drag.” 

“There has been an assault on the rights of drag performers in this country and we must call out the hypocrisy and the injustice,” Lines said in the video from 2023.  

“Jesus called himself a mother hen longing to gather up her chicks. If Jesus can be a mother hen, then you can dress in drag,” he continued. 

“I’ve even heard it said that Jesus was, and humanity is God in drag.” 

The video, which was posted with hashtags like “progressive Christian” and “liberal Christians,” reflects Reverend Lines' identity as a “progressive Christian.” 

Lines is currently the Senior Minister at University Christian Church in San Diego. According to his personal website, he has a passion for “pursuing social justice for the marginalized, demonstrating the Good News of God’s radically inclusive love, and proclaiming a relevant message for today’s ever-changing world.” 

Lines is also the Co-Executive Director of ProgressiveChristianity.org, which defines itself as an “open, intelligent and collaborative approach to the Christian tradition and the life and teachings of Jesus that create pathways into an authentic and relevant religious experience.” 

The shocking video is part of a growing trend of churches across the country that claim to be pro-LGBT, despite the core tenants of Christianity contradicting the beliefs of left-wing gender ideology.