William Barr: The New Alyssa Farah › American Greatness

Sep 9, 2022 | Political News

To no one’s surprise, Alyssa Farah, Mike Pence’s former press secretary, is the newest panelist on “The View.” Farah replaces Meghan McCain, who quit the show last year after suffering from postpartum depression and nonstop bullying by her leftist co-hosts, she claimed.

Farah, however, will pick up where McCain left off: using her voice as the only alleged “conservative” to bash Donald Trump and his supporters. She’s been auditioning for the role on the daily talk show ever since she left the White House in late 2020, following a well-trodden path that promises fame and fortune to Trump associates who turn on their former boss. Betrayers earn lucrative book deals, glowing coverage in corporate media, “exclusive” interviews on CNN, and newfound respect from one-time enemies.

Such appears to be the case with former Attorney General William Barr. Picked by Trump in the spring of 2019, Barr, who served in the same role under President George H. W. Bush, initially said all the right things about the need to clean up a compromised, partisan Department of Justice. Barr shut down Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s two-year witch hunt into imaginary Trump-Russia election collusion, a probe that resulted in no criminal charges related to its original mission.

Barr openly worried that a “Praetorian Guard mentality” at the Department of Justice and FBI propelled the unprecedented surveillance of Trump and his campaign team during the 2016 election.