Why We Fight

Apr 3, 2024 | Political News

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot, 

Just the other day, a longtime Washington political operative asked me a very important question: 

“What separates your Constitutional Rights PAC,” he asked, “from all of the other conservative political organizations scattered about the Washington beltway?” 

It was a good question…

And I gave him what I hope was a great answer – one that you would be proud of. 

To wit:

“At Constitutional Rights PAC, we know for a fact ‘Why We Fight’–

“And for the sake of the land we love and the patriots we serve, we simply cannot afford to lose!”

Frankly, that’s why at your Constitutional Rights PAC, we don’t spend a lot of time and money on confabs and conferences, fancy talkfests, and endless seminars.

They may all be fun and feed some egos – 

But I think you will agree that the need is too great and the hour is too late for all of that…

Because America – the land that we love – is in the fight of its life.

As the article below reveals, the Elitist Left is out to destroy the last vestige of all that made America good – and the goodness that made it great.

Led by the Toxic Joe Biden Regime, the elitists are waging all-out war on our Freedom of Speech, on our Freedom of Association, on our Right to Keep and Bear Arms, on our most basic religious beliefs (like Easter Sunday itself) – and so much more.

Every day the Elitists launch another salvo and land another blow. 

And that is why now – before another day passes — we to take up arms, raise our banner, confront the enemy head on – at every turn –

Elect Donald Trump… take the US Senate… expand our MAGA majority in the House –

And take back the land we love…

Or, quite frankly, all is lost. 

And that — to boldly borrow from the film series that sent our brave soldiers into battle at the height of World War II — is…

‘Why We Fight!’

Thank you for your continued support for your Constitutional Rights PAC.

Please take just a minute to give as generously as you can to keep your Constitutional Rights PAC at the forefront of this fight to the finish for the land we love.