Why Democrats’ Get-Trump Crusade Will End In Disappointment, Not Delight

Aug 18, 2023 | Political News

The Democrat Party has indicted former President Donald Trump again, this time on the craziest charges yet, and the unrestrainedly giddy leftists should prepare for another gut-wrenching let down. Even the perp walk they desire so badly will fail to satisfy them. 

There is no realistic way that Trump disagreeing with election results can be considered racketeering, especially when countless Democrats did the same thing after every presidential election won by a Republican in the past two decades. Democrat Stacey Abrams can claim to be the rightful governor of Georgia for years with no repercussions. But Trump has been indicted in the same state for asking the state’s officials to comb the election centers for uncounted votes. The hypocrisy is demented. 

Trump faces nearly 100 criminal counts in several courts in multiple states. This is a coordinated barrage with suspect timing. Whenever the corruption investigation inches closer to President Joe Biden, the Democrats indict Trump the next day to send a signal: Leave our guy alone, or we will raise the stakes on your guy. Or at least it appears that way to many people.