White House refuses to answer questions on alleged professional outside agitators backing campus Gaza protests

May 1, 2024 | Political News

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy pressed White House press secretary Karine Jean Pierre on Wednesday about the involvement of outside agitators regarding the Gaza encampments that have emerged on US college campuses.

Hundreds of individuals have been arrested over the last few weeks at the unsanctioned Gaza encampments located throughout the United States; the bulk of those arrested were found to be outside agitators who were not connected to any universities.

Doocy wanted to find out if the Biden administration was investigating the funding behind these encampments, explaining that nearly all of them had matching tents.

Jean Pierre failed to provide a direct answer on the matter and said that the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) are offering their support.

Inside the White House press briefing room, the Fox News reporter asked the press secretary, “Some of these encampments, they have matching tents. We're being told that there are professional outside agitators involved. We don't know if they're being paid to sow chaos by domestic folks or foreign entities. Does President Biden want his administration to find out who is funding some of these protests?”

Jean Pierre replied, “I cannot speak to the organizations that are being reported out on the ground. That is not something for me to speak to. That is obviously something that local officials are going to speak to. They'll have better information.”

“What we have said,” she continued, “Is that the DOJ and FBI is going to continue to offer support to universities and colleges with respect to federal laws. So that is something that the DOJ and FBI is doing.”

In a follow-up question regarding the protests on college campuses, which have been marred with extreme cases of antisemitism in addition to vocal support for terror groups, Doocy asked KJP, “How do you explain [Biden's] silence this week?”

“The president has not been silent on this issue when it comes to hate speech, antisemitism,” said Jean Pierre, who further explained that Biden launched the first-ever “strategy to counter antisemitism.”

Doocy interjected, “A school building at an Ivy League campus got taken over.”

“We called that out,” said KJP, adding, “We said that is not peacefully protesting.”

Over the past few weeks, chaos has descended upon college campuses throughout the US following the creation of “Liberated Gaza zones.” Pro-Palestinian students took over large portions of school property and erected tent encampments in protest of universities and their financial ties to Israel.

On Tuesday, NYPD dismantled the infamous Gaza encampment at Columbia University after outside agitators and students sieged Hamilton Hall the night prior, taking multiple facility workers hostage in the process. The wife of a well-known terrorist who was deported from the US after financially supporting a Palestinian terror group was among the protesters at Columbia.

According to a new report, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), the anti-Israel activist group that organized the Gaza Camp protest at Columbia, is linked to terrorist organizations and has received over “$3 million a year.”

In California, anarchy erupted at UCLA on Tuesday night into the early hours of the morning after vigilantes attempted to dismantle the Gaza camp situated on Royce Quad. The quad turned into a violent battlefield, which prompted the university to cancel classes on Wednesday.

These are only a few examples of the chaos that has ensued in the many encampments that have sprung up across the United States, which has resulted in many people questioning if the Biden administration plans to intervene to keep students safe.