White House pushed Trans Day messaging on English accounts, but not to Spanish speakers

Apr 1, 2024 | Political News

The Biden White House social media account “La Casa Blanca” did not post anything related to “Transgender Day of Visibility” while the English White House account on X made a post on Easter to declare the LGBTQ recognition day. 

Over the weekend, the Biden administration faced backlash for issuing a proclamation for March 31 as “Transgender Day of Visibility” when the holiest Christian holiday, Easter Sunday, fell on the same day. A proclamation from Biden was issued about March 31 on Good Friday that read, “By virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim March 31, 2024, as Transgender Day of Visibility.” The day was established in 2009 and Biden has proclaimed it repeatedly during his administration.

On Easter Sunday, Biden's social media accounts made several different posts about both Easter and “Transgender Day of Visibility.” One account, that was lacking any post related to the LGBTQ holiday, however, was the Spanish iteration of the White House account, “La Casa Blanca.” 

The posts that were issued for the Spanish White House account only celebrated Easter and Cesar Chavez.  

In contrast, the English White House account on X made an Easter post similar to the Spanish post, however the other post on March 31 stated, “Transgender Americans are part of the fabric of our nation. On Transgender Day of Visibility, our Administration honors the extraordinary courage of transgender Americans and reaffirms our commitment to forming a more perfect union – where all people are treated equally.” These posts did not appear in Spanish.

The different messaging perhaps indicates a stark difference of how the Biden administration sees its appeal to Hispanic voters versus others in its potential voting bloc. Support for Biden from Hispanic voters has dropped dramatically since the 2020 election, according to recent polls. Catholicism still remains the largest faith the in Hispanic community in the US and could have affected how the White House wanted to play its hand on Easter Sunday.