White House press sec claims she has ‘not seen’ Biden forget names in meetings

Feb 8, 2024 | Political News

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made the claim on Thursday during a press briefing that she has not seen President Joe Biden forget names during meetings.  

When a reporter asked Jean-Pierre if the president ever forgot names in meetings, the press secretary replied, “I have not seen him do that.” 

Questioning on those lines continued from press throughout the briefing. When reporter asked Jean-Pierre why Biden would say that he had a conversation with the deceased German Chancellor Helmut Kohl as he did on Wednesday, Jean-Pierre seemed to contradict herself.

Jean-Pierre said that it just “happens” and “it’s common.” 

Jean-Pierre initially began to speak about January 6 for several minutes as well as saying that people will confuse names occasionally. She compared the instance to House Speaker Mike Johnson saying, “Iran instead of Israel” and how Senator Rick Scott has confused “saving Medicare money” with “cutting Medicare money.” 

“It happens to all of us. It's common,” she continued.  

When Biden went to a fundraising event on Wednesday, he referrenced a trip to a 2021 G7 Summit in Great Britain. He attributed remarks to the late German Chancellor Helmut Kohl. Kohl has been dead since 2017. He also claimed to have spoken about J6 with long-dead Francois Mitterand.

“I showed up … and I sat down and said, ‘America’s back,’ and [French President Emmanuel] Macron looked at me and said, ‘For how long?' How long? Not a joke.” 

“Helmut Kohl said, ‘Joe, what would you think if you picked up the phone and picked up the paper tomorrow and learned in the London Times, on the front page, that 1,000 people stormed the Parliament?'” Biden added.  

This instance is one of the many gaffes the president has had during his term in office. He called Michelle Obama the “vice president” in April 2022.  

Earlier in January on MLK Day, Biden falsely claimed that he fought apartheid, was in the civil rights movement, and had a number of other gaffes. 

A recent poll from NBC showed that three-quarters of voters are concerned with the president's mental capabilities for the upcoming 2024 election.