While Liberals Decry Book Reviews, Fewer Conservative Books Found In Tennessee School District’s Libraries

Jan 23, 2024 | Political News

While liberals decry the book reviews that the Wilson County School Board has overseen since April 2022, the district’s high school libraries have fewer books on political topics that espouse a conservative viewpoint.

A search across all of the county’s high school libraries found 21 books about President Barack Obama, and 21 books about President Bill Clinton, compared to 15 books about President George Bush, and 11 books about President Donald Trump. The county had 4 books pertaining to former Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg compared to 2 for Justice Clarence Thomas.

A more one-sided perspective in high school libraries is not endemic to Tennessee with non-progressive memoirs being hard to find in many school districts.

Of the 29 books with explicit content in Wilson County that members of the community have challenged so far, only 6 have been removed by the school board. The rest of the challenged books were added to the mature reading list which parents must opt students into for them to gain access.