“We Give All Glory to God” : GOP Congressman Makes Miraculous Recovery Following Tragic Accident

Jan 20, 2023 | Political News

Twitter followers of Congressman Greg Steube (R-FL) received notification from staff on Wednesday that the Florida Republican had been involved in a severe accident. Little detail was given regarding specifics or Steube's condition at the time. However, the GOP Congressman's staff promised more information and asked for prayer. 

The tweet read, “Congressman Steube was involved in an accident on his property late this afternoon and has sustained several injuries. We will provide additional updates when possible. Please pray for the Congressman and his family.” The tweet was shared over two million times as supportive messages flooded the account. 

Thursday, more details were released to the public via Twitter. Congressman Steube reportedly fell off a ladder while working on his property in Florida. The fall was quite extensive and tragically landed him in the ICU. 

“Thank you to all who continue to pray for Congressman Steube. The Congressman was knocked approximately 25 feet down off a ladder while cutting tree limbs on his Sarasota property yesterday afternoon,” the writer explained. 

Thankfully an individual caught sight of the horrible fall and could take necessary action quickly, calling the paramedics without wasting a moment. 


“We are thankful to the individual who witnessed the fall and immediately called 911,” the representative's staff tweeted, adding, “as well as Sarasota County's Emergency Services for their quick response and transportation.” 

“Additionally, our team expresses thanks to members of the media who waited patiently to accurately report the incident before releasing falsities to the public. Accurate updates about Rep. Steube's current condition will be found on this official Twitter account,” they explained. 

While little is known about the extent of the congressman's injuries, many are praying for his healing. The newly elected Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, wasted no time voicing his support for the congressman and his family: 

“I spoke with (Greg Steube) and his wife, Jen, this morning. He is in good spirits, and our entire conference prays for a swift recovery. I informed him he will serve on the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, and he is eager to get back to work!” 

This hopeful message from McCarthy brought peace to many supporters concerned over his condition. Hopefully, the congressman will recover quickly so he can get to the important things he has been tasked with in the House. 

More good news followed McCarthy's announcement, “UPDATE: The Steube family is grateful for the outpouring of well wishes and prayers. Rep. Steube was moved out of the ICU this afternoon. He remains hospitalized under the care of a great team.” 

“We give all glory to God for his healing. We will have more to say as details become clear about the timeline for his recovery,” the congressman's official Twitter account reports. Hopefully, Congressman Steube's recovery will be speedy, and he will once again be able to serve the great people of his district. 

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