We Don’t Need No Rocking Chair

Apr 10, 2024 | Political News

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

With all of the bad news out there – most of it generated by the total ineptitude of Toxic Joe Biden and his Rogue Regime – 

There comes a time when even we bare-knuckle combat brawlers need to catch a breath and crack a smile.


In today’s Daily Update, your faithful servant is going to vary from form to remind you that not only are we winning –

But, we’re doing it with a smile on our face.

In their dour attempt to desperately deny the more-than-obvious dementia and decrepitude of stumbling, bumbling, fumbling Joe Biden, the hard, humorless leftists have begun to sourly pounce upon every minuscule misstep by the vigorous, vibrant Donald Trump to try to paint him as old and infirm.

Well, we have a ready response for them don’t we?

And who better to deliver it than the “Old Possum” himself – the country music legend who defined eternal youth?

Mr. Jones, if you please:


Now folks, if that doesn’t have you stomping your feet breaking into a smile, maybe you need George’s rocking chair…

But, make sure that come November, you still get out to vote (and take ten people with you) – 

Because as the Old Possum says, we Constitutional Rights PAC Patriots have “still got neon in our veins”…

And on November 5, we are going to light up polling places!

God bless you everyone.