‘We are winning’: Poilievre highlights how Trudeau’s policies have changed since Conservative leadership election

Sep 23, 2022 | Political News

On September 10, Pierre Poilievre was elected leader of the Conservative Party. In the days since, Trudeau and his Liberal government have announced a number of changes to policies that the Carleton MP repeatedly denounced during the leadership race.

In a video posted Thursday, Poilievre outlined the moves made by Trudeau, suggesting that his victory had spooked the Liberals into taking action.

“I wanted to share some incredible news with you,” Poilievre said as he was being driven home to his kids, “We’re winning.”

“Since I became leader of the Conservative Party, Justin Trudeau is on the run,” he continued. “First he had to recognize that there was such a thing as inflation, or Justinflation as we call it, “and today, he’s backing down on these vaccine mandates and other COVID controls.”

Poilievre pointed out that he, and many other Conservatives have been opposing pandemic-era restrictions “from the very beginning,” especially the “godforsaken” ArriveCAN app

On Tuesday, sources in Ottawa revealed that the app will finally be made optional as of September 30, and on Thursday, it was confirmed, with an official announcement expected in the coming days. Additionally, the government is also planning on ditching the vaccine requirement for entering Canada as well as random testing for arrivals. 

“You know [Trudeau] would not be doing this if it was not for you,” Poilievre said, pointing to his audience, “the hundreds of thousands of you who signed up to support me in the leadership race, the tens of thousands who signed my petitions to bring back medical choice so you can decide for yourself on vaccines.”

“The work is not done,” Poilievre warned. “There are still people who face discrimination because of a legitimate personal decision.”

He concluded by urging Conservatives to “take a moment to celebrate the progress that we are making already.”

“Onward to victory,” he said. “Let’s take back control of our lives, and make Canada the freest country on Earth.”