WATCH: Trump Honors ‘Handsome’ Cayler Ellingson, Slams MSM For Refusing To Cover: Suppose A Trump Fan Did That

Sep 24, 2022 | Political News

Forty-fifth President Donald Trump honored 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson during a “Save America” rally in Wilmington, North Carolina on Friday afternoon, slamming the far-left mainstream media for refusing to cover the story.

“Just recently, a young 18-year-old man from North Dakota… I’m sure you read this over the last two days… named Cayler Ellingson,” Trump said. “A young man. So handsome. So handsome. Beautiful. 18-years-old. Was targeted and killed, run down in cold blood with an SUV by a radical left maniac,” Trump continued.

“It was a radical left stupid person. Simply because he was a Republican and he was so proud of being a Republican. And this guy ran him down. And not one mainstream media network has even mentioned this horrible crime. Think of it,” Trump added. 

“Think of it the other way. Suppose a MAGA person ran somebody down on the other side. It would be the biggest story,” Trump said.

Cayler Ellingson, from North Dakota, was targeted and murdered by a drunk 41-year-old anti-Trump Shannon Brandt after a “political argument.” Brandt hit the teenager with his SUV, fled the scene, and was later released on a $50,000 bond after telling police Ellingson is a “Republican extremist.” Brandt says he doesn’t want to go to face any punishment because he doesn’t want his own life or job jeopardized.

“I have a job, a life and a house and things that I don’t exactly want to see go by the wayside — family that are very important to me,” Brandt said.

“As far as I’m concerned, this lands in the lap of Joe Biden. Biden is the one who started this extremist hate, and I’ve said it before: Hate is hate. Hate leads to violence, and violence leads to retaliation,” Fox News' Judge Jeanine Pirro said on “The Five” on Thursday.

Neither MSNBC, CNN, NBC, CBS, or ABC have given any on-air coverage so far to the vicious attack, according to Fox News.

But not only is the far-left mainstream media not giving the story air time, in the articles they've written about Ellingson's murder, they've conveniently left out how Brandt only targeted Ellingson because he dubbed him a “Republican extremist.”

“Amazing: CBS News does a 400-word write up of the ND nut who ran down and killed a teenager over a political argument without mentioning he told police he thought the teen was a Republican ‘political extremist,'” Tom Beaven, co-founder and President of RealClearPolitics, wrote in a tweet.

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