WATCH: Satanic Convention Shreds The Bible, ‘Thin Blue Line’ Flag In Sad Stunt

May 1, 2023 | Political News

A Friday incident at the Boston SatanCon, where participants callously shredded a Bible and defiled a pro-law enforcement ‘Thin Blue Line' flag during an opening ritual while proclaiming “Hail Satan,” is a vivid testament to the erosion of traditional values in our society. This shocking event serves as a poignant reminder of the need to address the growing disregard for religion and the breakdown of respect for those who uphold law and order—two pillars upon which a stable and moral society is built.

SatanCon is a three-day event, the largest of its kind. It sold out in three days and the group has dedicated its mission to the separation of church and state.

“Held from Friday through Sunday at the Boston Mariott Copley Place, organizers say the sold-out event will feature rituals, entertainment, discussion panels, a marketplace and a wedding chapel. Organizers said the event also celebrates the tenth anniversary of the temple,” Boston's WCVB5 reports.

As Fox News Digital previously reported, “A group of Satanists cheered as two leaders opened SatanCon 2023 on Friday with a formal ceremony renouncing “symbols of oppression” by ripping up a Bible and a ‘Thin Blue Line' flag representing police. ‘We stand here today in defiance of their siege and destroy their symbols of oppression,' a female leader told the crowd before ripping pages out of the Bible and throwing them on the floor, video showed.”


The blasphemous and irreverent actions displayed at SatanCon raise concerns about the sensibility of its attendees. Engaging in such provocative and offensive behavior tears at the social fabric and undermines our society's very foundation — the God of the Bible. Preserving an environment where religious freedom is protected and cherished, irrespective of individual beliefs, is essential for maintaining a harmonious and virtuous society.

The desecration of a pro-law enforcement flag during the opening ritual of SatanCon is a deeply disturbing gesture that exhibits a troubling lack of respect for the men and women who selflessly dedicate their lives to maintaining law and order.

The rampant disdain toward those who serve our communities and uphold the principles of justice is disheartening and detrimental to the social fabric that binds us together. It is imperative to support and honor law enforcement officers, acknowledging their indispensable role in upholding public safety. While addressing any necessary improvements within the criminal justice system, we must simultaneously condemn acts of disrespect and champion the positive contributions made by those who dedicate their lives to protecting our communities.

In conclusion, while religious freedom is part of the American founding, this shocking action demonstrates a lack of decorum on the part of the attendees, a lack they most certainly ought to correct.