WATCH: Pierre Poilievre vows Conservatives ‘will not expand MAID to include mental illness’

Feb 8, 2024 | Political News

During a press conference in Vancouver on Thursday, Pierre Poilievre clarified the Conservative Party's position on medical assistance in dying (MAID).

He said in no uncertain terms that under his leadership, any expansion of the program to include those for whom mental illness is the sole underlying condition would be dead on arrival.

“The federal government recently postponed the expansion of MAID to those with mental health conditions until after the election,” The Post Millennial asked. “What's your response to this, and what will the Conservative government's policy be regarding MAID and mental health?”

Poilievre responded by stating that his party was “against MAID for the sole reason of mental illness,” and accused Justin Trudeau of having “once again pursued a radical agenda that is totally out of step with the values of Canadians.”

“He has pushed for medical assistance in dying for people whose only condition is mental illness,” he continued. “Let's reconsider what this means. If someone is mentally ill – they have no other ailments – Justin Trudeau would suggest that they could consider a lethal injection.”

The Conservative leader went on to point out that Canada is currently suffering from an addiction crisis, and that addiction is a mental illness.

“First when we have people addicted to drugs, what does Trudeau and the NDP say? Give them more opioids, prescribe them fentanyl, which is 100 times more powerful than heroin,” he said.

“Then when that totally obliterates their lives and destroys their families, leaves them on the streets and they're totally hopeless, he says, ‘Well maybe we can treat you with a lethal injection. That will end your depression'. Well, sure, it will end their life!”

He explained that Common Sense Conservatives will “bring treatment, detox, and recovery to bring our loved ones home drug free, and we will not expand MAID to include mental illness.”

“Where Justin Trudeau has delayed this decision until after the election, we will revoke it entirely and MAID will continue to be available for people who have irremediable … physical health conditions as it is now.”