WATCH: Gaza activists raise Palestinian flag higher than American flag in Chicago’s Daley Plaza

May 12, 2024 | Political News

On Saturday afternoon, protesters in Chicago raised the Palestinian flag above the American flag at Daley Plaza in a demonstration organized by the group American Muslims for Palestine. 

Video footage posted on X shows the moment the activists raised the Palestinian flag higher than the American flag in Daley Plaza.

The protesters raised the flag in order to show solidarity with those who have been affected by the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas, according to ABC. The group said that the flag raising symbolized the Palestinian people finding “unity” throughout adversity. 

The event, held on May 11, commemorated the 76th anniversary of the Nakba, which was what Palestinians called their failed fight against the establishment of Israel in 1948. Nakba translates to “catastrophe,” and the catastrophe came when Jews moved into the area after near genocide in Europe to establish a nation per the approval of the United Nations. Arabs attacked the new nation and lost badly.

The event marked the third annual flag-raising ceremony organized by the Chicago chapter of American Muslims for Palestine. Following the ceremony, organizers led a march to protest what they perceive as “ongoing genocide” perpetrated by Israel in Gaza. Israel has been fighting Palestinian terror group Hamas since Hamas and their supporters attacked Israel, murdering 1,200, kidnapping civilians including children, on October 7, 2023.

As protests by pro-Palestinian activists continue in the city of Chicago, many Democratic party officials are worried about the potential protests leading up to and during the Democratic National Convention, which is set to take place in the city in August. Some Democrats have begun “preparing for the worst” as the event draws closer, according to a report by Politico.