WATCH: ‘Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe Blasts World Economic Forum For Blaming Everyday People For ‘All The Trouble In The World’

Jan 20, 2023 | Political News

Mike Rowe, host of the famous television show “Dirty Jobs,” joined Fox News‘ Laura Ingraham on Wednesday to blast the World Economic Forum (WEF) for going after the everyday person while they relax in the Swiss Alps.

Rowe was asked by Ingraham what he thought about the way the elites at the WEF are speaking ill about the jobs that have made America such as in fossil fuels and other industries.

“It’s hard to maintain a consistent level of outrage,” Rowe replied. “I’ve been at this for 15 years. The foundation I run is focused on real jobs that require an actual skill that truly exists.”

“And honestly Laura when I look at some of the coverage of Davos I guess I don't understand why anyone is really taking this seriously,” he said. “These are very wealthy people that fly privately to this resort who basically blame the everyday guy for all the trouble in the world.”

“I can't see how a reasonable person can see through the hypocrisy to even for a moment seriously consider the validity of anything you just played,” he said in reference to clips from the WEF.


Ingraham then posited that the corporations are the ones pushing for ESG promotion and Rowe agreed: “It's kind of an unholy alliance and most bad ideas take on a certain kind of inertia that gets pushed and pulled from a lot of different places and I'm afraid that sometimes things have to go splat before the regular majority will just stand up and go ‘look, it's fine to talk about renewables and in our best interest to look at other ways to fuel the planet.'

“But to affirmably make fossil fuels the enemy right now and to marginalize and to vilify the very thing that we are all so completely and totally reliant on, that's a recipe for crazy-making,” he added.

“We’re at war with the very things that we need,” Rowe explained, adding, “What's going on in Switzerland right now, I don't get it.”

Rowe, like most Americans, gets it. The billionaires and political elite that attend the yearly conference in Davos shouldn't be listened to but should be watched. They have collected immense power and their efforts to supposedly save the planet only lead to them acquiring more power and infringing on the basic rights of people everywhere. 

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