WATCH: Biden’s FCC Nominee Gets Wrecked By Ted Cruz — Key Democrat Flips On Her

Mar 9, 2023 | Political News

Gigi Sohn, President Joe Biden's failed nominee to the Federal Communications Commission was effectively eliminated from the running after experiencing an utterly devastating series of confirmation hearings that exposed her deeply partisan past leading to a key Democrat opposing her.

After brutally effective questioning from Republican Senators Ted Cruz and J.D. Vance of Texas, and Ohio respectively, Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia announced Tuesday that he would not support Sohn citing, “unprecedented, bipartisan opposition to her nomination as a result of her years of partisan activism, inflammatory statements online, and work with far-left groups.”

According to The Daily Wire, Sohn formally withdrew her nomination from consideration later the same day.

“The FCC must remain above the toxic partisanship that Americans are sick and tired of, and Ms. Sohn has clearly shown she is not the person to do that,” Manchin added. “For those reasons, I cannot support her nomination to the FCC, and I urge the Biden Administration to put forth a nominee who can bring us together, not drive us apart.”

Cruz as the Ranking Member of the Senate Commerce Committee spearheaded the GOP opposition to Sohn's nomination and called her out publicly for an extensive history of endorsing the online censorship of conservatives, the muzzling of conservative media, conflicts of interest, controversial donations to politicians while they were considering her nomination.


As previously reported by the DC Enquirer Vance took Sohn to task for a series of tweets he considered to be racially charged.

“I also notice you are a participant in what I call this weird racialization in American political rhetoric in recent years… There has been this weird trend in certain corners of American politics to be very, very racialized and even to criticize explicit racial groups, almost as a pejorative,” Vance explained.

To illustrate his point he reversed several of her tweets to replace former President Donald Trump with former President Barack Obama and swap their races.

“And I quote, ‘President Obama is a raggedy black supremacist president, and his cowardly enablers would rather kill everybody than stop killing white people,” Vance quoted. “Do you think a person that said that should be appointed or confirmed to the FCC?”

Sohn, asked for the context of the tweet, seemingly confused and Vance explained, “I think clearly a person who said that should not be appointed to the FCC, and in fact, you retweeted the exact same thing, only with President Trump instead of President Obama, and the races reversed.”

He then performed the same change to a tweet regarding Justice Brett Kavanaugh, exchanging his name, gender and race for Justice Ketanji Brown-Jackson.

“‘Angry black woman. Not a good look, Judge Brown Jackson.’ Would a person who tweeted that pejoratively be deserving of the position that you’re seeking?”

In a statement given after Sohn's withdrawal Cruz said, “The withdrawal of Ms. Sohn’s nomination is a major victory and represents a strong bipartisan agreement that we need a fair and impartial candidate who can receive the support needed for confirmation. The FCC is not a place for partisan activists; free speech is too important. Now, it’s time for the Biden administration to put forth a nominee who can be confirmed by the full Senate and is committed to serving as an even-handed and truly independent regulator.”

Sohn reportedly told The Washington Post she decided to withdraw citing her being subjected to “unrelenting, dishonest and cruel attacks.”

These were ‘attacks' composed of her own tweets, her own statements, her own political contributions… weapons of her own making.

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