WATCH: Ashbury Revival Inspires Other Mass Prayer Events Across the Country, Full Stadiums Rented Out

Feb 26, 2023 | Political News

On Saturday, evangelist Nick Hall joined ‘Fox News at Night' to discuss the upcoming revival event that is taking place in Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky following the success of a similar revival at Ashbury University.

When asked about why revivals are popping up across the country, Hall said that the revivals are bigger than any one location and that young people are looking for something after years of suffering during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I think you said it right. This revival is spreading. It's bigger than any one location,” Hall said. “I mean literally the same day February 8th when the revival started at Ashbury, students at Oklahoma University they've been praying and they got word that the university opened the door of their stadium so a stadium event is coming in April.”

“I'm here in Seattle and high schools are seeing revival break out. At Lee University, at Cedarville in Ohio,” the evangelist continued. “I think why this is happening, people have been so hurt these past three years. These kids have been under so much pressure, and mental health and I think God is healing a generation. They've turned to everything else, our country has turned to everything else. They're turning to Jesus and he's healing.”

“When you say this is a window in time Nick, explain what you mean by that?” the Fox host asked.

“I think we live in a moment. Listen, there are things that happen, and moments that come. 1970 was the last time this happened in Ashbury,” Hall explained. “Early 70s and late 60s was the Jesus people movement. This is a window of opportunity. I believe God is speaking, Lives are being changed. I had a reporter today, a newspaper reporter, start crying on the phone, gave her life to Jesus.”


“This is not normal. Collège campuses, we saw the University of Michigan, University of Wisconsin, University of Minnesota – a higher percentage of young people saying yes to Jesus than we've seen in 20 years,” Hall stated, adding, “The hunger is real and it is now.”

Hall was then asked about the revival he is hosting in order to bring young people closer to God and then have them go back to spread the message to their local community.

“Well listen I think that this movement, the leaders at Ashbury they're amazing, they're godly,” he said. “It is so incredible how they've led. And they've released this now to the nation, to the nations. And so meetings are happening everywhere. Some of my friends, leaders across the country, pastors, and campus ministry workers, believe that now is the time to rally the troops and mobilize and see this spread across the nation. So young people are coming.”

“I have a friend that is trying to come back from Argentina. People are coming from California, New York, and Florida. It's like all these fires are going to come to Rupp Arena. And the sign outside Rupp says it's time for positive disruption,” he continued, adding, “And I think that's what revival is. It is God positively disrupting us, bringing us back to life.”

“So this weekend it's going to be a lot of the same things that have happened at Ashbury. This isn't a show, this isn't a concert,” he said in conclusion. “It's worship, prayer, repentance, Bible. The difference is that we are going to equip young men and women so they can go home and make disciples, start prayer groups, and launch outreach efforts, and we want to connect them. So the prayer is that churches will send their young people and then plan to receive them.”

With the spread of the Ashbury revival around the country, countless young people are turning to God. A moment surely is happening in America and God is at its center.

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