WATCH: Anti-Trump Cenk Uygur Admits Trump’s GOP Will Crush ‘Not Bright’ Democrats: ‘It’s Almost All Over Now’

Oct 24, 2022 | Political News

Even Leftists admit forty-fifth President Donald Trump's handling of the Republican Party has been impressive.

Host and founder of progressive news outlet “The Young Turks” and open opponent of forty-fifth President Donald Trump, Cenk Uygur, admitted in a video on Sunday that Trump’s Republican Party will “almost definitely” crush Democrats in the upcoming 2020 midterm election after reacting to a recent poll from the New York Times.

49 percent of likely voters said they plan to vote for a Republican in the upcoming Nov. 8 election, while 45 percent said they plan to vote for a Democrat, according to the New York Times/Siena poll.

This comes after a September poll had the Democrats beating Republicans by one-point.

“What really gets the voters out to the polls is the economy. What’s going on with their pocket books? What’s going on with their bank accounts? What’s going on with gas prices and inflation? And I don’t think the Democrats have done a good enough job disproving that Republicans would be better for the economy,” far-left co-host Ana Kasparian said.

“Yeah. It’s almost all over now,” Uygur admitted.

“So I was interviewed by Fox News five days ago… it hasn’t come out yet. And when they asked me, ‘Who do you think is going to win the House,’ I said, ‘I don’t know. You need more data.’ Well more data has come in. Now the elections are only two weeks out,” he added.

“Democrats used to have a one point lead. Now they have a four-point deficit. So a five point swing at the national level is devastating,” he continued.

“Because we’re not talking about a local race or even a state race where you could have more wild swings. At a national level, those swings get ironed out because there’s a lot more people,” he said.

“And so the numbers become a little bit more reliable. The districts are deeply gerrymandered, but still a five-point swing near the election will make a giant difference in anything that’s close to a swing district,” he added.

“The Democrats are almost definitely going to lose the House now,” he said.

“What could rescue the Democrats?” he asked.

“Well what could rescue them is an all out assault in the last two weeks on the Republicans on the issue of the economy. Will the Democrats do that? No. There’s no chance that they’ll do that. So that’s why we’re pretty much doomed. They’ve barely mentioned the economy at all. Why? Two reasons… One, they’re not very bright,” he said.

“I say they’re not bright in this context because if forty-four percent of the voters say that the economy is the number one issue and that issue wins by a landslide, abortion coming in at seven percent, you would think that you would want to talk about the economy in your ads. And they’re running almost no ads on the economy,” he continued.

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