Voter Integrity Event “Behind The Curtain- A Look Into Tennessee Elections” Draws Hundreds; Primary Message: Elections Need To Be Transparent, Simple And Auditable

Mar 13, 2023 | Political News

On Saturday March 11th, at the Embassy Suites Ballroom, an event that featured a who’s who of well-known voter integrity experts, brought their experience and expertise before a packed room of over 200 people. 

Voters from all over the state of Tennessee gathered to listen and learn from those who have spent the last several years (some even well before 2020 – the election cycle that jarred America out of its slumber when it comes to election integrity) present their information and make recommendations that they feel will ensure the safety of our votes here in Tennessee.

The event was sponsored by Tennessee Stands, a grassroots organization that was founded in the midst of the covid pandemic due to Tennessee state government and Governor Bill Lee abusing the laws of the state to close down schools and businesses, impose mandates, and lend power to bureaucracies like state and county level health departments, that were not afforded to them by our state constitution. All of which, taking place through executive order. 

In a bi-partisan effort, the speakers had a simple and concise message for the crowd, a list of to-dos that when administered in the correct order will restore the ultimate integrity to our elections, ensuring the safety of what we as Americans hold sacrosanct, and that is our vote.