USA Today mocked Kyle Rittenhouse’s tears, shows sympathy for Waukesha massacre driver after he cried in court

Oct 22, 2022 | Political News

USA Today has come under fire for biased reporting, as social media users juxtapose their coverage of the trial of the suspected Waukesha Christmas parade terrorist Darrell Brooks to their coverage of the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager who shot three men in self defense.

Popular Twitter user “Defiant L's,” who consistently shares examples of liberal bias in politics and media, posted a screenshot of two very different USA Today headlines, prompting backlash against the outlet. 

The first story, an opinion piece on the November 2021 trial of then-18-year-old Rittenhouse, is titled “Kyle Rittenhouse deserves an award for his melodramatic performance on the witness stand.”

Rittenhouse, who was just 17 at the time, was armed with a rifle in an attempt to protect local businesses during the Black Lives Matter riots that caused mass unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin on August 25, 2020. He was chased by three men, who he ended up shooting.

During the trial, the teen appeared to be emotional as he argued that he only acted in self-defense when he fatally shot Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber and injured Gaige Grosskreutz. If found guilty of first-degree intentional homicide, he faced a mandatory life sentence, according to Fox News.