University Of Tennessee’s 2022 Political Spending Heavily In Favor Of Liberals, Democrats

Aug 1, 2022 | Political News

Federal Election Commission records reveal that the University of Tennessee’s political spending so far in 2022 totals $66,357 to support Liberal / Democrat organizations, PACs and candidates.

Meanwhile, UT has spent only $14,135 to support Conservative / Republican organizations, PACS and candidates during the same time period.

This should come as no surprise to those that have been following the rapid spread of Critical Social Justice on UT’s campuses, an ideology that most Liberals and Democrats tend to support.

Earlier this year, The Claremont Institute, Idaho Freedom Foundation and Velocity Convergence released an in-depth report detailing the saturation of Critical Social Justice and UT’s flagship campus in Knoxville.

Susan Kaestner, founding director of Velocity Convergence, said “UTK is going as woke as any university in the country. Its CSJ-dedicated culture has spread at an alarming speed since Spring 2019, with an unprecedented hiring spree at the administrative level reaching down into the details of every department.”