UCLA protesters prevent Jewish students, ‘Zionists,’ from attending class, accessing campus facilities

Apr 30, 2024 | Political News

On Monday, Jewish students at the University of California Los Angeles were barred from accessing facilities or passing through certain parts of campus by pro-Palestinian protestors.

When a concerned parent brought the issue to the UCLA police, they were told university officials had instructed law enforcement to refrain from dealing with the occupying force

In one clip, a Jewish student is prevented from making his way through a zone near the library occupied by protestors. 

“It's time to go,” one mask-wearing protestor told him. “You don't have a wristband.” 

When asked why he needed one, no answer was provided. 

“I can stand here if I want,” the student pointed out, as the protestors moved in to corner him.  

As calls of “Allahu Akbar” rang out nearby, one of the keffiyeh-clad men blocking the path asked again if the student wanted to leave. 

“I mean no harm,” he replied. “Just showing you guys how pointless your blockade is. I got in through the other entrance and now I'm standing here.” 

He went on to condemn their decision to prevent Jewish students from entering, at which point the man in the keffiyeh informed him that they “have a couple Jewish students” in the occupied zone. 

“Are you a Zionist?” he asked, to which the student replied, “Of course.” 

He was told that they wouldn't let Zionists into a Palestinian protest. 

“So, you don't let Zionists in the library that I pay tuition for?” the student shot back. 

On another part of campus, another Jewish student wearing a Star of David and his friends were denied entry to a path leading to his class. 

“This is what they do,” he said. “I'm a UCLA student. I deserve to go here. I pay tuition. This is our school.” 

Despite peaceful attempts to get the protestors to move, they refused, at which point the student moved in with his arms up. 

Audio from a call made by a parent to the UCLA Police Department revealed that while authorities were aware of the fact that protestors were not allowed to block students from accessing their classes and facilities on campus, they had “received a directive not to intervene.” 

“So, you're allowing the protestors to block the Jewish students?” she asked, to which the operator replied, “I'm not allowing it. The school is.” 

Sen. Ted Cruz slammed not only the protestors but UCLA officials for failing to take action to protect Jewish students. 

“UCLA administrators & faculty are complicit in pro-Hamas protestors physically blocking Jews from attending class,” he wrote in a post on X. “Every one of these antisemites should be expelled. And, if they're not Americans, deported.”