Twitter LIGHTS UP Kamala for Saying Race Should Be Priority For Hurricane Relief

Oct 3, 2022 | Political News

After Kamala Harris claimed climate relief should be equitable and prioritize “communities of color”, Twitter users slammed the Vice President with all the fire and fury you'd expect from America First patriots.

“Our lowest income communities and our communities of color that are most impacted… and so we have to address this in a way that is about giving resources about equity,” Kamala argued.

While Harris's comments were about the Government's response to climate change, many interpreted her comments as having broad reach — even impacting relief for the recent Hurricane Ian.

The Babylon Bee's Seth Dillon tweeted, “Speak plainly, Kamala. Just say you don’t want to help white people.”

Former Trump Campaign Advisor Steve Cortes agreed with the sentiment, tweeting, “Kamala says we taxpayers should help storm-ravaged Floridians through “giving resources based on equity” to “communities of color.” Is this America? Do we tell hurting white citizens to get in line, based on pigment???”

Meanwhile, Tesla Co-Founder and Space X CEO Elon Musk attacked Kamala with a very simple statement that should be treated as a truism. The fact that the Left rejects this truism is a major knock against them.

“Should be according to greatest need, not race or anything else”

“Students for Trump” founder Ryan Fournier, who posted the tweet Musk was replying to, concurred, tweeting,

“Agreed. Really disgraceful to see her priorities when folks have lost their homes, and some even their lives.

Thank you, Elon!”

DeSantis Rapid Response director Christina Pushaw replied to both, tweeting, “Kamala Harris is wrong. I am in Florida, work for  @RonDeSantisFL and know many people working on the hurricane response right now. Trying to set the record straight Thank you!”

Jack Posobiec tweeted replied to Christina Pushaw, arguing “Kamala lied. Not the first time. Won't be the last”

Lastly, Benny Johnson argued, “Kamala Harris wants to give federal assistance to people based on race. This is not “progressive” it’s regressive. This is the definition of racism. Kamala Harris’s Indian and Jamaican ancestors who immigrated to America to be treated *equally* are ashamed of her. Rightfully so.”

All in all, America First patriots were not happy with Kamala's remarks, and rightly so — we the people do not appreciate Kamala's disregard for the plight of all, not just her favored group.