Twitter Bans Leftist Tech Reporter for Soliciting Hacked Matt Walsh Material

Apr 21, 2023 | Political News

Twitter has permanently banned the account of Dell Cameron, a leftist reporter for tech outlet Wired, after he broke the platform’s rules on soliciting hacked material after he requested (and obtained) hacked materials from the accounts of conservative commentator Matt Walsh.

Wired denied that Cameron violated any of the Twitter rules, even though one of his tweets prior to the ban was a request for the hackers to email him Walsh’s hacked DMs. In a statement, the leftist tech mag said that Cameron did not post any hacked materials, although one of his tweets prior to the ban was a redacted picture of Walsh’s email inbox.

“Neither Dell’s story nor his Twitter feed contained hacked materials. We do not believe his account violated Twitter’s policy,” said Wired managing editor Hemal Jhaveri in a statement.

“We have not received any further explanation from Twitter and our attempts to reach Twitter’s press office were met with the customary poop emoji. We ask that the account be reinstated, and that Twitter provide an explanation.”

The “customary poop emoji” is the automated response that journalists now receive if they send an email to Twitter’s press department, which was recently dissolved by Elon Musk.