Tulsi Gabbard rejected RFK Jr.’s VP ask before he chose Nicole Shanahan

Apr 2, 2024 | Political News

It has been revealed that Tulsi Gabbard refused an invitation from Robert F Kennedy Jr. to be his pick for vice president in the 2024 election.

The Democrat defector did, however, note that she would still be open to running alongside Republican candidate Donald Trump.

“I met with Kennedy several times, and we have become good friends,” Gabbard said in a statement, per ABC News. “He asked if I would be his running mate. After careful consideration, I respectfully declined.”

A source close to Kennedy said that while the two did meet, “it didn't work out.”

Kennedy went on to choose Nicole Shanahan, a Silicon Valley lawyer and investor, as his VP pick.

The independent presidential candidate's search for a running mate spanned over a half dozen prospective candidates, including WWE legend-turned-politician and former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura.

His Republican counterpart, on the other hand, has yet to announce who he will choose to be his VP, despite claiming on multiple ocassions that he had it narrowed down. 

The list reportedly includes Senators Katie Britt, Marco Rubio, Tim Scott, and JD Vance, as well as governors Doug Burgum, Kristi Noem, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Reps Byron Donalds and Elise Stefanik. Gabbard, a former congresswoman, was also named. 

Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung made it clear that the former president will “choose the best possible person for the job and someone who will fight for America First values.”

This is a breaking story, and will be updated.