Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin to air on Thursday evening

Feb 8, 2024 | Political News

Tucker Carlson's much-anticipated interview with Vladimir Putin will air at 6 pm on Thursday.  

In an Instagram post on Wednesday evening, Carlson captioned the announcement, “Tucker interviews Russian President Vladimir Putin. Coming tomorrow at 6 pm EST to TuckerCarlson.com.” 


On Saturday, reports of Carlson being seen in Russia spurred rumors about the possibility of the interview taking place. Carlson had wanted to interview the Russian President prior to now, however, he said that US government officials stopped him from doing so at the time. Later reports on the subject confirmed that it had taken place. Carlson himself posted a video announcing on X saying why he was doing so on Tuesday.  

In the video, Carlson explained that he wanted Americans to hear the Russian leader's take on the war going on in Ukraine. He said that as a result of media in the US only covering interviews with Vladimir Zelensky, Americans were not getting all the information about the war. 

After the announcement was made, it was reported that Carlson may now face travel sanctions from the European Union.  

The Ukraine-Russia war has now gone on for nearly two years after it started on Feb. 24, 2022, when Russia invaded eastern Ukraine.

The announcement of the interview takes place Sens. Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and others have called for Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to step down due to the now-rejected border bill, which would have attached three times more funding to Ukraine than anything given to border security. 

Senate leadership is now trying to reconfigure a bill that would take all language related to the border out and only put funding toward Ukraine, Israel, and other international interests for the US.