Tucker Carlson says RFK Jr will pull votes from Trump—not Biden

Nov 2, 2023 | Political News

Tucker Carlson appeared on the This Past Weekend podcast, and shared his belief that RFK Jr. will be diverting many more votes from Trump than from Joe Biden if his name appears on the ballot for the presidential race in 2024.

Host Theo Von asked Carslon who the thought Kennedy would be taking from.

“What do you think?” Carlson asked. “Trump.

“You think?” Von asked.

“Of course,” Carlson said, “there's no person who's thinking ‘I'm gonna vote, either for Joe Biden or Bobby Kennedy.'”

“I have some friends that are,” Von revealed.

“No way!” Carlson said.

“Swear!” Von confirmed. “I have some friends that are, that have known Bobby, I mean, these are people that have known Bobby Kennedy for a long time. But who are Democrats who are like ‘this is my guy.'”

“The only reason you would vote for Joe Biden is because you believe there's safety in numbers. You're voting for the party. You're not— obviously I'm not talking Biden, but you're not voting for Biden. You're voting for the Democratic Party because you think when they have more power, you're safer, richer or whatever.”

A new poll out shows RFK Jr leading among independents. While conventional wisdom has said that RFK Jr, a Democrat, would be arival to the Democrat incumbent, his status as an outsider throws a bit of a wrench in the works. 

RFK recently said that the US should set federal money aside for the cause of paying reparations.