Trump’s Criminal Cases: Putin Weighs In

Sep 13, 2023 | True Patriot News Daily

Putin made the remarks at an Eastern Economic Forum gathering in Russia's Pacific Coast city of Vladivostok. He said that the cases against Trump show the “rottenness of the American political system, which cannot pretend to teach others democracy.”

Trump is facing a number of criminal investigations, including one by the Manhattan District Attorney's Office into his business dealings. He has denied any wrongdoing.

Putin also said that he believes that the cases are politically motivated and that they are being used to persecute Trump. He said that this is a “dangerous trend” and that it could have a negative impact on the rule of law in the United States.

Putin's comments come as relations between the United States and Russia are at a low point. The two countries are at odds over a number of issues, including the war in Ukraine and the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline.

However, Putin's comments did not appear to be intended to further divide the United States and its allies. He said that he hopes that the two countries can find a way to cooperate on issues of mutual interest.

To learn more about Putin's Thoughts read this article from Fox News. An excerpt of the article has been copied below: 

Russian President Vladimir Putin questioned the arrest and trial of former President Trump, calling it a display of corruption.

Putin made the comments Tuesday in a keynote address at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, Russia, an annual conference.

“As for the persecution of Trump — for us, in the current environment — it's good because it shows the rottenness of the American system,” Putin told the Russian audience. “It is a politically motivated persecution of one's competitor.”