Trump Takes Harlem By Storm

Apr 17, 2024 | Political News

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

Donald Trump may be the one on trial in crooked New York City… 

But, as his visit to Spanish Harlem yesterday proved anew –

Among Latinos, the verdict is already in on Toxic Joe Biden: 

“Aidos hombre stupido. Viva Trump ahora y para siempre!”

As the revealing video below shows, Trump is “amigo mio” among Latino voters. 

And, as one who is married to a legal Honduran immigrant — and who converses regularly with her myriad friends and relatives in the US (legal and Illegal) —

My studied opinioin is that Donald Trump will carry a minimum 60% of the legal Latino vote come November.  

And as to the illegal alien vote, as a Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot to whom others turn for solid, sensible analysis, you need to know the following: 

If you see a large Latino vote in areas predominantly inhabited by Illegals, it means the Democrats have harvested their ballots (onsite or absentee), forged their signatures, and falsified their eligibility to vote. 

As you will see in the video below, Donald Trump filled the Spanish Harlem streets with Latino supporters – while Toxic Joe Biden couldn’t fill a phone booth.

Please know that your Constitutional Rights PAC will be working closely with election integrity organizations nationwide to help prevent the Democrats Illegal abuse of illegals and help DJT win in a landslide:

Here is the inspiring video:


Thank you for your continued support as your Constitutional Rights PAC works the trenches to put the legitimate President back in the Oval Office. 

Together, let’s do this thing!

PS: A personal note, if I may: When my little Honduran wife proudly got her US citizenship this past October 5, the first words out of her mouth when I embraced her after the ceremony were, “Amor, ahora yo puedo [now I can] vote for Donald Trump!” Life doesn’t get any better than that, does it?