Trump Takes Aim At ‘Perverts Indoctrinating Our Children’: ‘Hands Off’

Jan 31, 2023 | Featured, Political News

Forty-fifth President Donald Trump hit the campaign trail for the first time this past weekend since his presidential campaign announcement in November with two stops in New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Trump said, while speaking in Columbia, South Carolina alongside his leadership team in the state, when he returns to the White House in 2025, he will bring an end to “radical racists and perverts” indoctrinating our children in schools.

“We’re going to stop the left-wing radical racists and perverts who are trying to indoctrinate our youth,” Trump said. “And we’re going to get their Marxist hands off of our children.”

“We’re going to defeat the cult of gender ideology and reaffirm that God created two genders called men and women,” the 2024 candidate exclaimed. “We’re not going to allow men to play in women’s sports. And by doing so, you know what happens.”

“We’re going to save the dignity of women and we’re going to save women’s sports itself,” the former president announced. “It’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous. We’re going to bust up the censorship regime and bring back free speech again.”

“We’re going to find the deep state actors who have burrowed into the government, fire them, and escort them from federal buildings,” Trump said, adding, “That will go very quickly.”


“We’re going to stop the appalling weaponization of our justice system. There’s never been a justice system like this. It’s all investigation, investigation,” Trump continued. “I’ve been going through it for seven years.”

In a recently detailed education policy platform, Trump revealed his plan for schools to “restore power to the American People.”

Trump vowed to “cut federal funding for any school or program pushing critical race theory, gender ideology, or other inappropriate racial, sexual, or political content onto our children” and noted that he would direct the “Department[s] of Justice and Education to open civil rights investigations into any school district that has engaged in race-based discrimination.”

In a recent Emerson College poll, Trump received a 30-point landslide lead in the race for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination with 55 percent while Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) came in second place with 25 percent.

Trump isn't just clearing the competition in the Republican primaries, he is also holding his own against President Biden.

According to a recent Harvard-Harris 2024 poll, Trump beat Biden with 46 percent, while Biden received 41 percent. 13 percent said they are unsure.

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