Trump SLAMS Biden’s foreign policy, vows to deport Hamas terrorist sympathizers

Oct 28, 2023 | Political News

In a speech to the Republican Jewish Coalition Saturday, former President Donald Trump claimed that if he was president, “the attack on Israel would never, ever have happened” and vowed to deport immigrants who sympathize with Hamas. 

During the speech, Trump said, “For four straight years I kept America safe, I kept Israel safe, and I kept the world safe. The world was a safer place, a much safer place.” 

Trump criticized the Biden administration for “cuddling up to the killers in Iran,” and said that he will “once again sanction them until their ability to fund terror is absolutely gone.” According to Politico, the Biden administration unfroze $6 billion in Iranian assets, which critics have said could be used to fund terrorist activities around the world. 

The former president then went on to warn anyone who is on a visa in the United States and sympathizes with Hamas and jihadists that he will deport them. He said, “All of the resident aliens who joined in the pro-jihadist protest this month, nobody's ever seen anything like it. Come 2025, We will find you and we will deport you.” 

He condemned Europe for having “Jihads on every corner,” vowing that he won't let that happen. you take a look at London, you take a look at Paris. You take a look at what's going on over there. We want to be the United States of America and we want to make our country great again. Right now. We don't have a great country. We have a laughingstock,” Trump added. 

In a post on Truth Social, former President Trump made a promise that as president he would “restore peace through strength,” and “prevent World War Three.” 

To the victims of the Oct. 7 terrorist attack on Israel, he said, “To every Israeli and every American touched by these barbaric activities: We love you, we’re with you, we grieve with you, we share your anger and we stand with you 100%”