Trump says he will hold campaign rallies at Madison Square Garden, in South Bronx

Feb 4, 2024 | Political News

On Sunday, former President Donald Trump floated the idea of doing a rally in the Bronx, and Madison Square Garden because he thinks New York and other traditionally blue states “can be flipped” to vote for him.

In an interview on Fox News' Sunday Morning Futures, host Maria Bartiromo mentioned a rumor that he was going to do a rally in the south Bronx. “I think I will do that,” Trump responded.

“I think I'll do one maybe at Madison Square Garden too,” he said. “New York has changed a lot in the last two years. We have migrants all over the street, they are living on Madison Avenue. Nobody can believe what has happened to New York.”

“The people of New York are angry,” the former president added. “I think we are going to give New York a heavy shot. They are very unhappy in New York.”

Trump went on to add that he thinks multiple other states can be flipped such as New Jersey, Virginia, New Mexico, and Minnesota, before suggesting that he's not certain that “everything can't be flipped.”

The former president's statements come just days after it was revealed that New York City is set to distribute $53 million worth of pre-paid debit cards to illegal immigrants, known as “immediate Response Cards,” to help them buy food. Rapper 50 Cent suggested that “maybe Trump is the answer,” in response.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has been one of the more outspoken Democrats against the Biden administration border policies, as his city deals with the fallout. In December, he complained after a meeting with President Biden that “help is not on the way,” and warned New Yorkers to brace for “extremely painful” budget cuts to pay back the debt the immigration crisis has caused.

“Our insurance policy was the federal government. They're not paying us,” Adams said, using a house as an analogy for the city. “so everything in that household is going to be impacted.”