Trump quotes CNN, NBC, ABC, saying prosecution in Stormy Daniels trial has not proved their case

May 7, 2024 | Political News

President Donald Trump spoke to reporters outside the courthouse in New York City on Tuesday during a break in the testimony of Stormy Daniels, the woman at the center of the case. She had been telling one-liners on the witness stand as she answered prosecutor's questions about her alleged past involvement with Donald Trump.

In discussing the case, Trump read quotes from CNN and other news outlets, giving their view, and not his own. Trump has been issued a gag order in the case that prevents him from discussing witnesses, judiciary, or prosecutorial staff. He has already been threatened with jail time for alleged violations of those orders, in the form of social media posts of articles and the like, and has been fined $10,000.

The “country is on fire,” he said, as well as addressing the protests happening all over the country saying that he had “never seen anything like this.”  

“Some of the statements made about this witch hunt,” he said, turning to the matter at hand. “On CNN, fake news CNN, Michael Moore said ‘the proof of falsifying records has not been accomplished.' On Good Morning America, they said ‘we heard that expense payments to lawyers are legal expenses.' 

“We paid a lawyer expenses payments,” Trump said, “we didn't put it down as down as construction costs, the purchase of sheetrock, the electrical costs. The legal expense that we paid we put down as legal expense. There is nothing else you could say,” Trump added.   

“Also, NBC ‘Today Show' saying, there is no smoking gun, no email or tape to prove the president's intent. They don't have a way to prove that. That's NBC ‘Today Show.'”  

The former president read other reports to the press at the courthouse and then added, “So with all that's going on, they have no case, every single legal scholar that I see. Maybe somebody is out there, some whack job. Virtually everyone that I've seen have said there is no case.”  

Concluding, Trump focused in on talking about the Biden administration.  

“It's a case that shouldn't have been brought,” he said, “The previous DA wouldn't bring it. Bragg didn't want to bring it. He brought it because I'm running — this all comes out of the White House and Crooked Joe Biden.”  

Judge Mercahn also rejected a call for a mistrial on Tuesday after the Trump team made the request.