Trump PAC Could Have Decisive Impact Electing Republicans in Key Senate Races

Oct 15, 2022 | Political News

President Donald Trump's Political Action Committee has launched a massive $5 million ad campaign against Democratic Senate candidates across the country in an effort to aid Republicans in key battleground states that will decide the control of Congress.

MAGA Inc, Trump's PAC, is set to invest $4,905,000 in the Senate races of Georgia, Arizona, Ohio, Nevada, and Pennsylvania as Republicans close the gap with Democrats in those states.

According to Breitbart, the PAC will run the ads until funds are exhausted and Maga Inc. Executive Director Taylor Budowich stated that President Trump is continuing to work to get GOP candidates elected in November.

“President Trump has held countless rallies and raised record-breaking numbers for candidates all across the country during this cycle,” Budowich explained, adding, “while maintaining a near-perfect endorsement record. MAGA Inc. was established to ensure his vision succeeds in 2022 and beyond.”

One of the ads (a whopping $825,000 ad buy) attacks Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman for being the sole vote to let out a convicted murderer while serving on a pardon board.

According to a recent Emerson College poll, Fetterman is only two percent above Republican challenger Mehmet Oz. This is a narrow gap that Trump's support could eliminate.


Another ad (a $1,450,000 ad buy) focuses on Democrat Senate candidate Tim Ryan in Ohio who voted for Democrat priorities 100 percent of the time while in Congress. His voting record directly contributed to the current economic downturn.

Currently, Tim Ryan is leading Republican challenger J.D. Vance by less than one percent, according to FiveThirtyEight, meaning that Trump's ad blitz could be the difference between a win and a loss for the GOP.

In addition to Pennsylvania and Ohio, MAGA Inc. is funding a $512,000 ad in the Nevada Senate race against Senator Cortez Masto (D), a $1,160,000 ad buy in Arizona against Senator Scott Kelly (D), and a $954,000 ad buy against Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock (D).

Each of these races is close and they will all come down to the wire. Currently, polling for the race in Nevada has Cortez Masto down one percent to Republican Adam Laxalt. Meanwhile, in Arizona, Scott Kelly is up five percent against Republican Blake Masters. Lastly, the race for Georgia has Senator Raphael Warnock up three percent against Herschel Walker.

These races are some of the most competitive in the country and will determine control of Congress. Republicans in these swing states need to get out and vote on November 8.

President Trump is doing his part to support these Republican candidates, and the answer is whether or not conservative Americans will follow suit.

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