Trump leads Biden in 5 key states: Times/Siena poll

Nov 5, 2023 | Political News

In Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan and Pennsylvania, President Donald Trump leads President Joe Biden in the latest polling out from Times/Siena. Biden is ahead by only two points in Wisconsin.

In each of those five states where Trump leads, voters said that they had more trust in Trump's plans for the economy, foreign policy and immigration. During his Biden's time in office, the US economy has suffered as grocery and gas prices have soared, home buying has lagged, and a border crisis has created a massive illegal immigration problem to the tune of some 7 million illegal border crossers since 2021.

Under Trump, the economy was booming with US energy independence, no new foreign wars were started, and in his final year in office, less than half a million illegal immigrants came across the border.

In Nevada, Trump leads 52 percent to Biden's 41 percent. Georgia sees Trump with 49 percent to Biden's 43 percent. Trump holds a 49 percent in Arizona to Biden's 44 percent, 48 percent in Michigan to Biden's 43 percent, and has 48 percent in Pennsylvania to Biden's 44 percent. 

“Add it all together,” the Times reports, “and Mr. Trump leads by 10 points in Nevad and six in Georgia, five in Arizona, five in Michigan and four in Pennsylvania.”

In 2020, Biden took Nevada by 50.1 percent to Trump's 47.7 percent. He took Georgia 49.5 percent to 49.2 percent. That tight race was contested by the Trump campaign, for which he, his attorneys and others who worked for him are now facing charges in Fulton County. In Arizona, Biden won 49.4 percent to Trump's 49 percent. Michigan saw Biden win with 50.6 percent to Trump's 47.8 percent. In Pennsylvania, Biden led 50 percent to Trump's 48.8 percent. 

When Biden took office, he said “the adults are back in charge.” 

The Times/Siena poll found that voters under 30 favor Biden by a mere percentage point, his popularity is down among Hispanic voters and hovers in the single digits, and that American men prefer Trump by a large margin. Black voters are coming out with some 22 percent support for Trump in these 5 states. In short, Biden's coalition, based on gender and race, is crumbling.