Trump leads Biden by 6 points nationally, most view Trump’s presidency as success, Biden’s as failure: CNN poll

Apr 28, 2024 | Political News

According to a recent CNN poll conducted by SSRS, former President Donald Trump is leading incumbent President Joe Biden in a hypothetical two-way race. Both men seek a second term in the White House. The poll indicates that Trump holds a six-point lead over Biden, with 49 percent of respondents favoring Trump compared to 43 percent for Biden.

In a scenario including third-party candidates, Trump maintains his lead over Biden, with 42 percent support compared to Biden's 33 percent. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is the third-party candidate with the highest share of votes at 16 percent.

The poll also reveals that a majority of voters view Trump's presidency more favorably than Biden's. 55 percent of respondents consider Trump's tenure as president a success, while only 39 percent hold the same view for Biden's presidency. Additionally, a significant 61 percent of voters believe Biden's presidency has been a failure.

The perception of Trump's presidency has improved over Biden's term in office, suggesting that many voters view his presidency more favorably in retrospect compared to Biden’s with space and time to make a clear comparison.

Partisan differences are evident, with Republicans showing greater unity behind Trump compared to Democrats' support for Biden. 92 percent of Republicans consider Trump's presidency successful, whereas only 73 percent of Democrats hold a similar view of Biden. Trump also enjoys higher favorability among Independents, with 51 percent viewing his presidency as successful compared to 37 percent for Biden.

Biden's approval ratings on various issues, particularly the economy, are notably low. Only 34 percent of voters approve of his handling of the economy, and just 29 percent approve of his approach to inflation. The economy ranks as an important priority for 65 percent of voters, a significant increase compared to pre-2020 election sentiments.

Surprisingly, the poll reveals Biden trailing Trump by a significant margin among voters under the age of 35, with Trump leading 51 percent to 40 percent in this demographic group.

Key issues influencing voters include protecting democracy, immigration, crime and gun policy, healthcare, abortion, and nominations to the US Supreme Court.