Trump leads Biden by 5 point among registered voters nationwide: Fox News poll

Mar 28, 2024 | Political News

A new poll has found that former President Donald Trump leads President Joe Biden in a head-to-head race for the 2024 election by 5 points among registered voters.  

According to the Fox News poll conducted from March 22-25, Trump is leading among registered voters at 50 points to Joe Biden's 45. Per Fox News, this is the largest lead Trump has had over Biden in the outlet's respective polls.  

Trump also maintains the lead over Biden in a hypothetical five-way race, per the poll.  

Among other factors surveyed, one question asked voters what the “biggest failure of the Biden administration” has been during his tenure.  

An overwhelming plurality of 31 percent of voters in the poll said that immigration and border security was the administration's largest failure, while the second most agreed upon failure was inflation and the economy at 17 percent.  

When asked about Trump's tenure as president, voters in the poll said that the largest accomplishment that the former president had during his administration was the economy. 35 percent of respondents agreed with this sentiment.  

Border and security came in as Trump's second largest accomplishment, according to the voters in the poll.  

The top issue that poll respondents said would be deciding their vote is the economy, followed by election integrity, and then immigration.

Trump's favorability rating among those taking the poll was at 45 percent while Biden's was recorded at 39.