Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake Releases Inspiring Christ-Centered Ad

Oct 8, 2022 | Political News

Since the beginning of her campaign, Arizona Republican Gubernatorial hopeful Kari Lake has centered her candidacy around her Christian faith. Indeed, Lake is running against Pro-Choice Democrat Katie Hobbs, whose values are at odds with many Bible-Believing Pro-Life Christians. This is contrary to Lake's Pro-Life vision for the state of Arizona, one in keeping with our nation's founding and right reason. Last Friday, Lake gave Arizona another glimpse at her strong devotion to Christian values, tweeting out an inspiring video detailing her lifelong walk with Christ saying:

“I’ve shared a lot of stories with you over the last few decades, but I've never shared mine.”

The video starts by detailing her modest upbringing in Donahue, Iowa, where Lake was raised in a family of 9. She then discusses the challenges she overcame, hailing from a lower-income family.  She says:

“My family was very poor, we didn’t have food in the house. I lived off a gravel road, we didn’t even have a house number.”

The former news anchor then went into detail about how her journey with God began, recounting:

“During that time when I lived out in the country, I remember having a really tight close moment with God. I saw a plane flying up over, and it was really tiny. And I thought to myself, someday I’m gonna be on a plane doing something. And I had this – this God moment where it was almost like God said to me, ‘You are going to be on a plane, you’re going to go places, you’re gonna do something big.”

She then remarked that Ronald Reagan was her “hero.” It was he who inspired her to become a registered Republican. Eventually, she worked for the same news agency as the Former President. She worked for the station for about a year and a half, until she got a call from a Phoenix-based news program. They offered to relocate her. After taking the position, Lake says she “fell in love with Arizona, and the people fell in love with [her] too.” The Gubernatorial candidate built up a good report in Arizona, being a charismatic and trustworthy voice during her on-air days as an anchor.


Lake then notes how she “woke up to a lot of reality during COVID,” along with many others in our nation. She began to realize that there was “an agenda being pushed by the media, and I didn’t wanna be part of that agenda.”

The Trump-endorsed candidate felt like the job she once loved, “began feeling like it was unethical and biased, to being completely immoral.” She noted how hard it was to walk away from a “high-paying salary.” However, after a spiritual encounter with God, she knew it was time to leave her career behind.

She remembers waking up the following day after her public resignation, her phone being “practically hot to the touch.” People tweeted their support for the former news anchor for having the “courage” to walk away from what she deemed immoral. She then reveals “one common thread” repeated through social media:

“Will you please consider running for office?”

The video then cuts to Lake’s attendance at a Save America Rally hosted by 45th President Donald Trump, along with several inspirational clips of Lake’s vision for Arizona. The ad then concludes with Lake remarking:

“Maybe God is tapping me on the shoulder, saying, ‘this is what I freed you up for, this is what I freed you up for.’”