Trump-DeSantis And The New American Revolution

Sep 7, 2022 | Political News

The American people have totally lost confidence in the US government apparatus and .

And it is going to take a revolutionary overhaul – top to bottom, inside and out, root to crown — for that confidence to even begin to be restored.

It will take a decade, or longer, to effectuate the kind of housecleaning that will assure the necessarily profound and perdurable overhaul.

And even longer to convince the American people that they can once again trust the US government not to revert to form and again become the tool of oppression it has unarguably become.

Can it happen? Perhaps.

And if it does, historians of the future will likely sum up the reorienting and reordering of the status quo in just two words: “Trump” and “DeSantis.”

Not Trump alone.

Four more years is far too short of a time to turn the tide of history – even for as prodigious a change agent as Donald Trump.

And not DeSantis alone.

As good a man as he is, he likely does not yet have a thick enough hide to withstand the slings and arrows the Hard Left will ruthlessly and recklessly unleash once the necessary transformation begins to be put into place.


Because, the actual fact of the matter is that what American now needs to reset its magisterial priorities and regain the people’s confidence is not just a transformation. It’s far too late for anything that gradual and nuanced.

America needs a transmogrification.

To wit: a New American Revolution.

And that will take four years of Donald Trump’s bareknuckle, give-no-quarter, take-no-prisoners, swashbuckling style in order to drive the miscreants from the citadel. .

And it will then take another eight years of  Ron DeSantis’s iron-fisted, show-no-mercy management style to keep the reprobates from returning to the scene of their crimes.
In short, it is going to take a tag team to force the adversaries to tap out — and then stay out.

For example, Trump, immediately upon assuming office will have to re-issue his Executive Order 13957. That single order would have given the president the power to fire as much as 88% of the federal government’s entrenched bureaucrats.

In short, it would have gutted the Deep State.

Which is why the political hack who stole the election and followed Trump into office rescinded 13957 as his first act of business.

So, when the Donald assumes office on January 20, 2025, he needs immediately to re-instate it and begin “tramping out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored.”

In short, he needs to wipe out the FBI, the CDC, the CIA, the FDA, the DOE, the DHS, the IRS (and its 87,000 newly hired armed agents), and much of the DOJ.

Glory hallelujah.

And then, when his successor, the Ronald, assumes office four years later, he will need to make sure that the Washington earth is so thoroughly salted that the Deep State bureaucracy is never again able to take root and spread its strangulatory vines.

So that “the truth goes marching on.”

And that’s just the beginning.

In Trump’s all-too-brief, but necessarily brutal four years, he needs to cleanse the courts of Obama-Biden judges who have turned jurisprudence on its head. And cleanse the judicial districts of US attorneys who have turned law enforcement on the innocent.

And in DeSantis’s fractious eight years, he then needs to follow suit by appointing an arch-conservative judicial review commission that ferrets out low-level legal-beagle wannabes — so they never achieve even the incipient status necessary to ever be considered by future administrations.

In addition, Trump needs to thoroughly clean out the rancid, repugnant Augean stables in the US Senate and House.

And DeSantis needs to make certain that the disloyal Republican horses of a disparate color are never again allowed to soil the turf.

In fact, if Trump is as wise as he often seems to be, he will allow DeSantis to be in charge of all administration hiring and firing. Since, unfortunately, the former’s Achille’s Heal seems to be appointing disloyal losers to cripple his steps.
How important is a Trump-DeSantis total restructuring of the government apparatus and removal of the regnant apparatchik to restoring America’s faith itself?

According to a recent Gallup Poll, only 25% of the American people now have confidence in the Supreme Court.

Only 23% of the American people have any remaining confidence in the presidency.

And, as astounding as it may seem, only 7% express even the slightest confidence in the US Congress. (Which, by the way, is 4% less than have confidence that Bigfoot actually exists.)

All of which is why is the extended Trump-DeSantis command and control is so vitally important to the survival of the Republic.

If confidence is to be restored in our evanescing Republic, the old order must be entirely repudiated and replaced.

And a New American Revolution must seed and sustain the Tree of Liberty – with the dynastic dynamic duo of Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis shaping its roots and nurturing its growth.