Trump Demands Zuckerberg Be Prosecuted For Allegedly Violating 2020 Georgia Election Law: ‘America Isn’t Going To Take It’

Feb 27, 2023 | Political News

On Sunday, Forty-fifth President and leading 2024 presidential candidate Donald Trump demanded, in a post on his successful social media platform Truth Social, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg be prosecuted for allegedly violating a Georgia election law in 2020.

“He cheated on the Election(s). The whole system is RIGGED. Why isn’t he being prosecuted? The Democrats only know how to cheat. America isn't going to take it much longer,” Trump wrote.

According to a letter from The Honest Elections Project obtained by Fox News Digital, a Zuckerberg-connected group, the “U.S. Alliance for Election Excellence”, may have violated Georgia state law when they successfully donated $2 million to a Georgia election board.


The letter demands an investigation and slams the “flagrant and egregious” donation for violating a state ban on private funding.

“No superintendent shall take or accept any funding, grants, or gifts from any source other than from the governing authority of the county or municipality, the State of Georgia, or the federal government,” Georgia's 2021 reform law reads.

Honest Elections Project Executive Jason Snead told Fox News, “We’re now fairly well convinced this is an attempt to do two things.”

“To get around those bans on private funding by doing either what they did in DeKalb County, by looking for loopholes and end-a-rounds, doing what they can to get money into these offices; or by doing what I think they feel is even more important work, which is to pump influence into these offices,” Snead added.

The letter exposes Zuckerberg for donating $250 million to the Center for Tech and Civic Life and Priscilla Chan for the sole purpose of funneling money into 2020 local election boards across the country.

“This massive influx of funding – which ultimately topped $400 million – was met with heavy criticism driven by post-election analysis that revealed the money was overwhelmingly funneled to Democrat-leaning jurisdictions,” the letter reads.

If these violations of state law are true, then those responsible must be held responsible or else Americans' faith in elections, which is already shaken, will continue to damper.

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