Trump Attorney Slams New York AG’s Politically-Motivated Lawsuit

Sep 29, 2022 | Political News

Last week, New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a politically motivated lawsuit against President Trump, alleging fraud related to real estate valuations. In an interview with Newsmax, his Attorney, Alina Habba, slammed the suit as biased political theater.

Habba began by pointing out the humor in AG James' claims that she is “barring” Trump from conducting business in New York. Alina called out the statement saying, “Okay, first of all, you don't have the authority to do that. Let's be clear. This is a civil case.”


The apparent legal threats made by New York's chief legal authority appear to be nothing but a political farce. Habba further criticized James, citing that “She took the stand today. Why? Because she's down in the polls, so we sit here, and we watch this, and it's a shame because she really misled the public today.”

The reputable attorney went on to point out the continued erosion in the justice system. “If you're a Republican, and you are sitting there, and you are trying to fight for your business, who happens to be successful in a democratic state you should not have a prejudicial judge in front of you. You should be treated the same, but that's not the way we operate, unfortunately, in this country anymore.”

When asked about the continued lawsuits against President Trump and how the legal team would deal with it, she commented, “Quite honestly, this has been three years in the making. If you don't think we knew that they were going to do this right before an election, she must think we're stupid. We were ready to go, and we will be ready to go, and we will continue to crush it.”

The flagrantly partisan suit illustrates the direction the Left is taking America’s judicial system. This is becoming increasingly obvious to conservative pundits. Last week, Digital Strategist Greg Price tweeted:

“When New York Attorney General Letitia James ran in 2018, she called Trump an ‘illegitimate president,' promised to be a ‘pain in his ass,' said Trump was ‘fueling her soul,' said ‘I look forward every day to suing Trump.'

Today, she filed a civil suit against Trump and his kids”

Price followed up his initial tweet, citing that

“If you need proof that this a total witch hunt, Letitia James literally ran for Attorney General promising to take down Donald Trump, and the best she could do after 3 years with unlimited resources is a civil lawsuit.”

It’s great to see conservatives recognize this.