Trudeau Foundation to return $200k donation potentially linked to Chinese Communist Party

Mar 2, 2023 | Political News

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation announced on Tuesday that it will be returning a 2016 pledge linked to the Chinese government. The foundation said in a statement that it would return a $200,000 donation.

The Foundation stated in a release: “The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation has learned in recent days through the media that there was a potential connection between the Chinese government and a 2016 pledge of $200,000 to be received by the Foundation. 

“As an independent, non-partisan charity, ethics and integrity are among our core values and we cannot keep any donation that may have been sponsored by a foreign government and would not knowingly do so.

“In light of these recent allegations, the Foundation has refunded to the donor all amounts received with respect to the donation pledge,” the statement concluded.

The Globe and Mail reported that an unnamed national security source gave information that the Chinese government influenced Justin Trudeau after he became leader of the Liberals. Beijing instructed a Chinese billionaire to donate $1 million to the Trudeau Foundation in 2014, and that he would be reimbursed in full by the CCP.

The source also says that a second wealthy Chinese businessman donated to the Trudeau foundation in 2016.