Transgender Man Serves As Substitute Teacher At East Ridge Elementary, Makes Kids Refer To Him As “Mrs.” – Tennessee Conservative

Apr 18, 2023 | Political News

A social media post sounded the alarm about a male substitute teacher, dressed as a woman, making students at East Ridge Elementary School in Hamilton County call him “Mrs.”

In response, The Tennessee Conservative reached out to the school for verification that this was occurring.  The school referred us to the Hamilton County Superintendent’s office.

The superintendent’s office confirmed that the Superintendent had been made aware of the situation.  They tell us that they are researching how and why this was allowed to happen.

Hamilton County resident Mark Caldwell declared: “To be clear, the difference between this situation and a gender-confused parent taking a child to a bar to be ‘entertained’ by drag queens, as some did recently, is that the parents of these first graders had no advance knowledge about this ‘teacher,’ and did not consent to their children being exposed to this gender-dysphoric indoctrination. For the record, I believe how an adult wants to “identify” is their personal business, but it becomes all of our business when they take that identity public in order to groom young children with their identity disorder.”