Top academic journal to face ‘legal action’ after pulling pro-life papers

Feb 23, 2024 | Political News

Pro-life researchers whose studies related to abortion were pulled by Sage Journals on account of alleged failures to disclose “conflicts of interest” have announced that they are taking legal action. 

Lead researcher and Charlotte Lozier Institute Vice President James Studnicki accused the publication of employing “blatant double standards,” pointing out that while it went after him and his team for their not going far enough in divulging their ties to pro-life organizations, it has not employed the same level of scrutiny to abortion-related researchers linked to pro-choice groups.

In a statement to The College Fix, the Charlotte Lozier Institute confirmed that their research organization is “pursuing appropriate legal action” against the publication. 

“Our team of researchers has refuted every single critique about the research and we encourage all to read the studies to understand the reasoning behind the methodology and our rebuttals to the critiques,” Studnicki told the outlet. “There is no legitimate reason for Sage's retractions.”