TN School Board Votes To Remove Inappropriate Books And May Add Disclaimer To Mature Reading List

Jun 9, 2023 | Political News

School Board Members removed two more books from Wilson County School libraries on Monday night despite the county’s Book Review Committee recommending to keep them on the Mature Reading List. 

The vote to remove was 4-2 for both “Damsel” and “Infandous” by Elana K. Arnold, books that board members Joseph Padilla and Dr. Beth Meyers said include physical and sexual abuse, violence, and bestiality. 

Board members Carrie Pfeiffer and Larry Tomlinson voted to keep the books in Wilson County, with Tomlinson saying that the board should honor the Book Review Committee’s recommendation. In the past, community members have stated that the committee is not impartial as all but one member is employed by Wilson County Schools. 

Also during the meeting, School Board Member Joseph Padilla proposed adding a disclaimer to current language that parents see online when choosing to opt in to allow their children access to mature content.