TN RINOs Killed Bill That Would Have Prevented Vanderbilt’s Mutilation of Minors – Now Leadership Reverses Course

Sep 22, 2022 | Political News

Representative Jason Zachary is calling upon the Tennessee General Assembly to pass legislation that will prevent minors from receiving radical surgeries after Matt Walsh’s investigation of Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Transgender Clinic.

Senator Janice Bowling and Representative John Ragan have been working to address what is happening at Vanderbilt for the last two years, but GOP leadership did not support their bill, instead favoring one that only prohibited hormone treatments to 8 to10-year-olds, and which became law last year.

According to Walsh, Vanderbilt’s Transgender Clinic was opened in 2018. In a lecture that the Medical Director Dr. Shayne Taylor gave the same year, she claimed to have helped convince the hospital to begin providing “transgender care” in large part because transaffirming surgeries are “big money makers” due to follow up care.