TN Representative Scotty Campbell Resigns Following Sexual Harassment Allegations

Apr 21, 2023 | Political News

Representative Scotty Campbell (R-Mountain City-District 3) has resigned after news broke to the public on Thursday that he had allegedly been found in violation of the Tennessee General Assembly’s workplace harassment policy. 

It has been reported that the harassment complaint was brought by a legislative intern, and a second legislative intern has since been included in the allegations.

For reference, the state legislature’s intern program consists of young adults who are enrolled in an institution of higher learning. 

Campbell has been accused of making several inappropriate comments of a sexual nature and possibly taking other actions both on and off Capitol property, which made the intern(s) uncomfortable. 

Supposedly, the legislature has paid to ship one of the intern’s furniture items back to her home and moved her from the apartment building where she and Campbell each rented their own apartments for this legislative session, to a downtown hotel for the rest of her internship.

Prior to his resignation, Campbell told NewsChannel 5 that he “had consensual, adult conversations with two adults off property.” He went on to say that if he chose to talk to any interns in the future, it would be recorded.